Kids’ Club : Mask Making

Mask making has been there since the ancient times. People used to wear masks so as to hide their true identity and others used them as an opportunity to have new personalities of their desire. Masks are also used for beauty reasons and during festivals not only in the African culture but also other worldwide cultures.

This concept was incorporated into the Wajukuu kids’ club program and and is now an activity. I serves as a good and easy way for the kids’ to express their personalities in an artistic manner.


Community Sports

We have been engaging in sports activities in the community for both artists and kids’ club members of Wajukuu. Through sports we experience resilience and nature of tolerance among members and improve team work within the group. For the last couple of months we have been participating in a local football league; the league comprises of sixteen teams. The teams are made up of eight players. The league was an original idea of Wajukuu and its aim was to bring the community together and promote unity.
Apart from football we also have chess, a game that is commonly associated with strategic thinking. We have a couple of chess boards that are accessible to Wajukuu members, kids and the community.

Wajukuu Exhibition in Berlin, Germany at Shop Gallery in the Silesian street 10/11 on July 20, at 18.00


Shabu Mwangi, an artist from Nairobi has for several months been an IfA Fellow in Art and Culture House Schlesische27 guest. As a painter and activist living and working in Lunga-Lunga, a village in Mukuru slum, Nairobi / Kenya, he heads together with his artist friends a wonderful artistic and educational project for children -. “Wajukuu Art Project”.

Shabu’s stories and the work of the group of artists under such difficult conditions have been very touching and I find him necessarily to get to know.   He brought about 20 woodblock prints of five artists from his group. These particular works must necessarily be sold.

On July 20, at 18.00 we celebrate his farewell party and will exhibit for the occasion pictures and sell.
Location: Shop Gallery in the Silesian street 10/11

 There are smaller sizes, the prices between 80 and 250 €, very moderate. 20% of the proceeds goes to “Wajukuu Art Project”, 80% to the artists.

Of course you are also welcome if you want to buy a picture.

We also show a short film, so you can get an idea about life in Mukuru slum.

Some of Shabu’s own oil paintings will also exhibit in the portrait series “Stateless” that have arisen here in Berlin.

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We look forward to seeing you. Invite also your interested friends!

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