Kids Club

Wajukuu Kid’s club started in the year 2005 after the young artists saw the interest of kids in visual art in the community .The artists decided to offer the skills to children who really loved visual art. The classes are conducted in Wajukuu hall, We as Wajukuu involve the kids in our community by giving them a space where they can express themselves through art .By doing this the kids grow up to be responsible and critical thinkers also keeping them away from vices such as drug abuse, dropping out of school, early pregnancy, crime, we also give them artistic skill counseling them through art therapy.DSC_8178


Slum Art Festival

Slum art festival is a collaborative event that takes place in Lunga Lunga since 2015. Wajukuu started these festival to show case various activities and give a platform for the whole community to communicate in different ways. The event is hosted twice per year.



Wajukuu knows and understands the importance of education that’s why we built a library. Our library holds over 30 students from secondary, primary and children under the age of seven years who attend on daily basis. We were able to introduce story reading/telling to small children, cater to adults who want to better their learning by having them use the library to access novels and other informative books.DSC_9103


Advocacy – The Mural Project 

The Mural Project,   address conflict resolution, crime prevention, culture and sports, education and training, gender equality, health, human rights, substance abuse, youth poverty, teen pregnancy and youth decision-making.This is where we invole the community to use art as a voice to voice their agrivernses.

The creative art is used as an innovative tool to impact youth to improve self esteem, self sustainability, motivation, and gender equality. It is a unique approach to utilize youth led initiatives to promote dignity, self worth, and responsibility in a community where we face many vices.


Urban Farming

This has been among the best income generating activities, which have been running through for the past three years. This has been a great hope for the youths in our society who believe in giving out a good environment which is less polluted and generating some income for the youths who are in the organization. It has been a way of teaching the kids about farming since in slum we do not have place to practice it. Wajukuu have experienced a lot through the urban farming since it’s one way of keeping our community green, because of this the government have intervene with a grant, for us to start the poultry farming, to boost activity of urban farming in slums of Nairobi.

plants - farmingWajukuu is one of the groups that were selected to get the grant. The government targets our project since our activities were so effective despite having a challenge with the space. With the small space we had we were able to maintain it and also educate others. Now since we have the fund we will be able to gather food, through this we are fulfilling one of our goals which is to have food security in our community and create some employment to our group members. This project gives every individual time to improve their lives and community at large through empowering most of young youth in our area. The organizations have a dream of extending our program and trying to interact all projects we do for the benefit of our community. This is one of the resent incomes generating activity but also among the effective project that is growing rapidly and giving a different touch to children and youths in the surounding area, and great hopes among the community.

The group has the visions of mitigate food insecurity and provides employment to youths in our community.