Artist’s Bio

ngugi waweru

I am an artist living in Mukuru, Nairobi, where I work from our collective studio as a painter and printmaker. When I am not making art, I practice yoga and play guitar. Unlike many artists, who capture their aptitude for art in their school years, I first experimented with art making after observing the practice of my friends, who had graduated from Art College.

I am one of the founders of Wajukuu Art Project. We formed this organization after we, as artists living within the community, realized that it was hard to be successful in this profession alone. We formed Wajukuu to support and train each other, to search for a market as a collective and to build an art culture in our community. To me, Wajukuu is not just an organization; it is a home to the artists and also a path to a better tomorrow.

I tend to begin my works by applying thick paint to canvas to form a rough texture. When I work on this rough surface, it reminds me of the struggles we all go through; our inner strengths, and the knowledge that we use to overcome challenges. I feel a sense of relief and calmness when I complete a piece. When people look at my work I want them to be curious, and see how stitches (connections) in our lives play a big role in hiding and healing the individual rough paths that we may have travelled. Most of my artworks have these two elements, of roughness and stitching, which I use to create a sense of struggle.

Artist’s Work